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TSX Toys


Image Model Number Product Name
Moby's Dick 11008011 Moby's Dick
3 Extra Inches Penis Extender 11014011 3 Extra Inches Penis Extender
Long Neck Goose 11018011 Long Neck Goose
Homeboy 11050011 Homeboy
Mighty Joe 12inch 11069011B Mighty Joe 12"
Mighty Joe Long 15inch 11073011 Mighty Joe Long 15"
Standing Tall Sleeve 11100011 Standing Tall Sleeve
Super Teaser 16110011 Super Teaser
G-Spot 16205011 G-Spot
La Supremo 6inch 16402011 La Supremo 6"
Scrotomax Flesh 16404011 Scrotomax Flesh
All American G-Spot 16454011 All American G-Spot
Homo Erectus 16606011 Homo Erectus
Big Butt Plug 16704011 Big Butt Plug
Small Butt Plug (Red) 16705011 Small Butt Plug (Red)
Mole Butt Plug Large 16706011 Mole Butt Plug Large
Large Butt Plug (Red) 16706011 Large Butt Plug (Red)
Thin Cock 6inch 16804011 Thin Cock 6"
Thin Cock 8inch 16806011 Thin Cock 8"
Purse Pussy 16810011 Purse Pussy
Ramulus 11091011 Ramulus
Double Dong 12.5inch Flesh 16875011 Double Dong 12.5" Flesh
Standing Tall 9inch Suction 21001011 Standing Tall 9" Suction
Standing Tall 9inch Suction Cup F 21001011 Standing Tall 9" Suction Cup F
Analicious with Suction Cup 21004011 Analicious with Suction Cup
Trojan Single Suction 21010011 Trojan Single Suction
Twig & Berries Suction 21052011 Twig & Berries Suction
Mighty Joe Suction 21069011 Mighty Joe Suction
Foreskin Fucking Good 21070011 Foreskin Fucking Good
Feelistic Thick Cock Suction 26143011 Feelistic Thick Cock Suction
Frenchy Super Cock Suction Cup 26420011 Frenchy Super Cock Suction Cup
Standing Tall 9inch w/bullet 31001011 Standing Tall 9" w/bullet
Jungle Joy Bullet Vibe 31059011 Jungle Joy Bullet Vibe
Concubine Masturbator 31900011 Concubine Masturbator
Thin Cock 6inch w/bullet 36804011 Thin Cock 6" w/bullet
Standing Tall red cap 41001011 Standing Tall red cap
Trojan single Dong Red Cap 41010011 Trojan single Dong Red Cap
3 Bangs Medium Red Cap 41060011 3 Bangs Medium Red Cap
Pearl Pecker Sqm. Vibe 51102011 Pearl Pecker Sqm. Vibe
Pearl Pecker 51102011 Pearl Pecker
Standing Tall 9inch Redi Lock 61001011 Standing Tall 9" Redi Lock
Gigolo Redilock 61011011 Gigolo Redilock
Mighty Joe 12inch redi lock 61069011 Mighty Joe 12" redi lock
Standing Tall  7inch Redilock 61201011 Standing Tall 7" Redilock
La Supremo Redilock 66302011 La Supremo Redilock
Frenchy Redi Lock 66420011 Frenchy Redi Lock
I-Cock 6.5 Fauxskin 71003011 I-Cock 6.5 Fauxskin
Gigolo Fauxskin 71011011 Gigolo Fauxskin
Triple Treat Fauxskin 71060011 Triple Treat Fauxskin
Mighty Joe Fauxskin 71069011 Mighty Joe Fauxskin
Bun Boy Fauxskin 71128011 Bun Boy Fauxskin
Big Split Megadong Fauxskin 71210011 Big Split Megadong Fauxskin
Lotus Pussy Fauxskin 71400011 Lotus Pussy Fauxskin
Tongue 8inch Squirmy, Fauxskin 75037011 Tongue 8" Squirmy, Fauxskin
Thin Curved Cock 76807011 Thin Curved Cock
Diving Dolphin Vibe 88005011 Diving Dolphin Vibe
Silver Bullet w/ Slide Control 88771011 Silver Bullet w/ Slide Control
Mr Ed 11005011 Mr Ed
Woody Cockring 11007011 Woody Cockring
Trojan Single Dong 11010011 Trojan Single Dong
Clifford 11028011 Clifford
Slick Dick 9inch Dildo 11029011 Slick Dick 9" Dildo
Fireman Dong 8.5inch 11030011 Fireman Dong 8.5"
Plentiful Plugger 11053011 Plentiful Plugger
3 Bangs for your Butt 11061011 3 Bangs for your Butt
Man in a Barrel 11062011 Man in a Barrel
Shroom 11065011 Shroom
Fat Man in a Barrel 11067011 Fat Man in a Barrel
Big Man in a Barrel 11068011 Big Man in a Barrel
Mighty Joe 12inch 11069011 Mighty Joe 12"
Caterpillar 11078011 Caterpillar
Bum Boner 9inch 11080011 Bum Boner 9"
Duo Fist 11086011 Duo Fist
Hand of Plenty 11087011 Hand of Plenty
Veinzy Extender 11015011B Veinzy Extender
Fat Man Megadong 8.5inch 11211011 Fat Man Megadong 8.5"
Gigadong 9inch 11212011 Gigadong 9"
Jolly Good Giant Dildo 11221011 Jolly Good Giant Dildo
Sperm Tail Plug 11224011 Sperm Tail Plug
Paramour Cock Ring 15000011 Paramour Cock Ring
Feelistic Thick Cock 16143011 Feelistic Thick Cock
Big Jake 10.5inch 16470011 Big Jake 10.5"
Mole Medium Butt Plug 16708011 Mole Medium Butt Plug
Jumbo Butt Plug 16709011 Jumbo Butt Plug
Headmaster 16902011 Headmaster
Big Ball 8.5inch Suction 21000011 Big Ball 8.5" Suction
3 Bangs For your Butt Medium 21060011 3 Bangs For your Butt Medium
Ream & Scream 21066011 Ream & Scream
Oz Fist 2 15inch Suction 21088011 Oz Fist 2 15" Suction
Two Shots in the Dark 21222011 Two Shots in the Dark
3 Bangs for your Butt Junior 21223011 3 Bangs for your Butt Junior
MS Butt Plug 21225011 MS Butt Plug
Alien Tamer Kit K1000011 Alien Tamer Kit
Big Ball 8.5inch 11000011 Big Ball 8.5"
I-Cock 6.5 inch 11003011 I-Cock 6.5 inch
Chimney Sweep 11027011 Chimney Sweep
Fruitilicious Plug 21233011 Fruitilicious Plug
Cyberflex Double Dong 11031011 Cyberflex Double Dong
Thick Ur Dick 11040011 Thick Ur Dick
Octopenis 11041011 Octopenis
Dark Vader 11045011 Dark Vader
Sexcalibur 11063011 Sexcalibur
Icecumsicle 11071011 Icecumsicle
Double Wham-Me 11074011 Double Wham-Me
Scorpenis 11076011 Scorpenis
Bed Knob Buddies Small 21307011 Bed Knob Buddies Small
Serpenis 11220011 Serpenis
The Cannon 11304011 The Cannon
Standing Tall 7inch 12001011 Standing Tall 7"
Anal Penis Dong 16406011 Anal Penis Dong
Sweet 16 Double Dong 16467011 Sweet 16 Double Dong
Standing Tall 7inch Suction Cup 22001011 Standing Tall 7" Suction Cup
Jelly Bullet Vibe 30100011 Jelly Bullet Vibe
Jelly Long Vibe 30101011 Jelly Long Vibe
Jelly Dual Vibes 30102011 Jelly Dual Vibes
I-Cock 6.5 bullet vibe 31003011 I-Cock 6.5 bullet vibe
Autoerotica 31007011 Autoerotica
Trojan Single dual bullet Fles 31211011 Trojan Single dual bullet Fles
Standing Tall 7inch Bullet 32001011 Standing Tall 7" Bullet
Platinum Flicker 34000011 Platinum Flicker
La Supremo 6inchBullet Vibe 36400011 La Supremo 6"Bullet Vibe
All American G-Spot Bullet Vibe 36454011 All American G-Spot Bullet Vibe
Egg of the Orient 36709011 Egg of the Orient
Matador 12 Inch Dildo 36822011 Matador 12 Inch Dildo
I-Cock 6.5 Redcap 41003011 I-Cock 6.5 Redcap
Fireman Dong 8.5inch Red Cap 41030011 Fireman Dong 8.5" Red Cap
United We Stand 51101011 United We Stand
Analicious Redi Lock 61004011 Analicious Redi Lock
Trojan Redi-Lock 61010011 Trojan Redi-Lock
Chevron Dong Redi-Lock 61012011 Chevron Dong Redi-Lock
Alien Tamer Redi-Lock 61018011 Alien Tamer Redi-Lock
Wet Dream Redi-Lock 66079011 Wet Dream Redi-Lock
Clitterific Redi-Lock 66100011 Clitterific Redi-Lock
Fatso Redi-Lock 66411011 Fatso Redi-Lock
Perfect G Redi-Lock 66711011 Perfect G Redi-Lock
Matador Redi-Lock 66822011 Matador Redi-Lock
Gang Bang Masturbator 71019011 Gang Bang Masturbator
Hairy Heart Pussy Fauxskin Bullet Vibe 71021011 Hairy Heart Pussy Fauxskin Bullet Vibe
Diablita Fauxskin 73500011 Diablita Fauxskin
Asscavator Plug 21306011 Asscavator Plug
Spicata 11092011 Spicata
A Bomb 11090011 A Bomb
Valentino 11232011 Valentino
Lemonade Butt Plug 21094011 Lemonade Butt Plug
Funkist Lemon 21093011 Funkist Lemon
Double Fister 21095011 Double Fister
2 Extra Inches 11021011 2 Extra Inches
Prostidude 21305011 Prostidude
Big Split Megadong 11210011 Big Split Megadong
Little Ben 11055011 Little Ben
Bed Knob Buddies Medium 21308011 Bed Knob Buddies Medium
Bed Knob Buddies Large 21309011 Bed Knob Buddies Large
Medusa 2inch  Extender 11075011 Medusa 2" Extender
Thick Ur Slick Dick Closed End Thick Ur Slick Dick Closed End
Matador Suction Cup 26822011 Matador Suction Cup
Jumbo Big Boy Double Bullet 33709011 Jumbo Big Boy Double Bullet
Matador with SMP Vibrator 76822011 Matador with SMP Vibrator
Frenchy Extender 11340011 Frenchy Extender
Skeleton Extender 11338011 Skeleton Extender
Scrotomax Extender 11339011 Scrotomax Extender
Fidelity G-Spot Fantasy 11330011 Fidelity G-Spot Fantasy
Fidelity Anal Fantasy 1 11333011 Fidelity Anal Fantasy 1
Fidelity Anal Fantasy 2 11337011 Fidelity Anal Fantasy 2
Booty Bear Textured Extension 11120011 Booty Bear Textured Extension
Polyphemus Mega Suction 21336011 Polyphemus Mega Suction
Shaft Large 11102011 Shaft Large
Wolfman Suction 11102011 Wolfman Suction
Wolfman Extension 11331011 Wolfman Extension
Cobra 11332011 Cobra
Plugring Fun Plugring Fun